Experience The Power Of Scalable, Flexible NGS Technology

Get the power of the complete DNA sequence of any organism with our Whole Genome Sequencing services. It is also known as entire genome or full genome sequencing and is one of the best tools in your arsenal to detect rare variants.

With our comprehensive data set on any genome, you can evaluate all structural variation in the strain or organism. Make our WGS services the instrument for identifying mutations or inherited disorders. Use it to track disease outbreaks. We offer whole genome or complete genome sequencing not just for human genomes but also plants, microbes and livestock too!

Our Whole Genome Sequencing, Your Asset

Excellent Clarity

We offer a base-by-base genome view in high resolution so that you get a clear picture of the structural variations.

Perfect Capture

We offer clear target capture of small and large variants. Even the captures which could have been missed with targeted approaches are also perfectly captured. 

Identify Causes

We assist follow-up studies related to the regulation mechanism and gene expression by identifying potential causative variants clearly.

Deliver Data

We offer high-quality, high-volume data within just a short time span and offer support to the assembly of novel genomes.  

Two Strands Of WGS

At Yaazh, we offer two types of whole-genome sequencing – De Novo sequencing and re-sequencing.
Whole Genome: De novo sequencing

De novo sequencing is usually performed without the help of a reference genome. It is tried and tested to be effective in confirming and expanding on the results obtained from database searches. It is used as a more comprehensive map for genetic variations. We provide various combinations of sequencing platforms such as HiSeq, MiSeq, GS-FLX.

Whole Genome: Re-sequencing WGS

WGS - Resequencing the reference sequence of a particular genome is available. The sample that can be sequenced will be covered at a lower level, and the reads mapped to the reference. In this, we can obtain an organism's individual variation from the genome sequence. The variation can be SNP(  single nucleotide polymorphism), CNV (copy number variations), somatic mutations, and other structural variations.

Cutting-Edge Platforms

GS-FLX Titanium/Plus (Shotgun, Mate pair)
HiSeq X Ten
MiSeq (Mate pair, Paired-end)

A Powerful Tool For You

Whole-genome sequencing is the tool you need to study complete DNA sequences. Get in touch to know more about our methods.
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