High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

HPLC is an indispensable technique used to separate, identify and purify a mixture of analytical components. This chromatographic method is largely used in analytical biochemistry and chemistry experiments and is predominantly done in all major analytical laboratories worldwide. Yaazh Xenomics offers HPLC analytical techniques that are on par with international standards.

Our genomic services in South India include HPLC techniques that rely on a robust and easy-to-implement separation mechanism that is flexible and easy to implement. Designed to deliver high performance at reasonable costs, our HPLC systems are adaptable for any complex and advanced analytical development. We excel in both quantitative and qualitative HPLC analysis.

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Applications of HPLC

The main objective of doing HPLC techniques in our DNA sequencing labs is to sort, identity, quantify and purify compounds from given samples. Our technique has many uses, such as:
Automated and controlled chromatography analysis.
Provides reliable data, reports, and instrument validation.
Manages all the phases of analysis.
Provides qualitative analysis of specific modules.
Helps in detecting impurities in medical samples.
Helps to identify impurities in pharmaceutical industries.
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