Making Accelerated Discoveries

At Yaazh, a functional genomics lab, we have a dedicated team of researchers for customised gene study. Experts in genotyping and gene expressions assay, we deliver comprehensive research suited to your needs.

If you want to implement cutting-edge tech to detect and quantify nucleic acids accurately, our gene study services are for you. With our genomics services, you get high-throughput. We use real-time, micro-well based LightCycler 480 PCR. The platform offers novel thermal cycling. 

Our customised gene study marries accuracy with speed using next-generation sequencing. Extremely versatile, our data capture tech attains assay reproducibility and brilliant temperature homogeneity. We also cater to both SYBR Green detection and sequence-specific probes.

Results With Increased Sensitivity

At Yaazh Xenomics, we follow a highly standardised PCR process for our customised gene study. Take a look at the results below

Fold difference
Amplification curve
Melt curve/Tm calling
CT-Method values
Mean/Median Cp value
Up-regulation and down-regulation gene level in bar diagram
Normalised values in E-method advanced relative quantification data analysis
Comparative analysis and compiled summary report with Cp = Ct

Monitor Gene Expression

Get precise results and a flexible shift from 96 to 384 plate format with Yaazh’s customised gene study!
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Yaazh Xenomics is dedicated to supporting taxonomists’ research in the molecular identification of organisms using DNA barcoding markers, Sanger sequencing, and Next-Generation DNA sequencing techniques.
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