Innovative GC-MS Technology

Refine and revamp your workflow performance with sophisticated, up-to-date Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry analysis. Yaazh Xenomics offers one-of-a-kind GC-MS systems and superior methodologies to crack the most demanding applications. Our GC-MS analysis serves a wide spectrum of applications ranging from identifying unknown samples, drug detection, and environmental sample analysis.

Our DNA sequencing labs are primed with the most contemporary software and advanced GC-MS equipment to enable the “Gold Standard” method to identify a particular substance.

Exclusive Applications

Our robust GC-MS system helps in cracking the most challenging applications in various fields such as:
Pharmaceutical industries.
Forensics department.
Environmental sample analysis.
Food & beverage industry.

Get Customised Expert Help

Our genomic services in South India provide customised support for GC-MS analysis to ensure you extract maximum information to attain the best results.
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Yaazh Xenomics is dedicated to supporting taxonomists’ research in the molecular identification of organisms using DNA barcoding markers, Sanger sequencing, and Next-Generation DNA sequencing techniques.
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