Beyond A Shadow Of Doubt

Yaazh Transcripts locates instances in a document for copied content. Essays and reports in academia tend to have plagiarised work because they often rely on other experiments and projects. 

At Yaazh, we make sure your document is free of plagiarism and that no one else is copying your hard work and effort. Unlike manual detection of plagiarism that takes time, we offer software-assisted detection. Our transcript services compare your work to thousands of published documents. It does it with speed and accuracy. As a result, we detect any plagiarised work swiftly and with precision.

The Process

The expert research team at Yaazh Transcripts looks for the tiniest instance of plagiarism. We even suggest replacement content for required areas. Our process includes:


Through our checking software, we compare work with a library of references.


We ensure that the reference collection only includes original and genuine documents. 


We select a document model. Then with pre-set similarity criteria, we retrieve all works that have similar text above a certain threshold. 

Get Accurate Results

Our software-based plagiarism check gives objective, accurate andfast results. 

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