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Molecular Biology Genomics & Bioinformatics

During the training session we covers the following topics

  • DNA extraction -Theory and Lab
  • DNA Estimation and Purification - Theory and Lab
  • PCR - Amplification and Trouble shooting - Theory and Lab
  • Sanger Sequencing - Theory / Data Analysis.
  • Next Generation Sequencing - Theory and Lab (Nanopore Platform).
  • Bioinformatics - Basics, Various data formats, Primer Designing, Primer Testing, Gene Bank databases, Metagenomics Analysis and Phylogeny analysis - Theory and lab.

Customized Training also available as per the requirement

Molecular Biology Genomics & Bioinformatics

Next Generation Sequencing

Course description

This course will provide an introduction to various next generation sequencing (NGS) platforms, Hand on for Nanopore Sequencing platform, Data analysis and tools for Data Quality Control, Genome Assembly and Metagenome Analysis. The course will be delivered using a mixture of lectures and computer based hands on practical sessions using real data.

Next Generation Sequencing

Our experts will provide NGS Nanopore sequencing wet lab & Bioinformatics as below

  • Library preparation
  • Library loading
  • Configuring & running NGS on MinION
  • Introduction to data-analysis tools
  • Data Quality Control
  • Metagenome Analysis
  • Drug Resistance analysis.


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