Exome/Targeted Sequencing

Exome is functionally relevant DNA sequences that encode proteins, it accounts for only 1-2% of the complete genome. This technique utilizes the target enrichment. It is cheaper and cost effective alternative technique to the whole genome sequence.

Target region sequencing involves the isolation of genomic regions of interest from the sample library, which enables systematic detection of somatic variants and germline with cost effective way.

Exome sequencing is used in genetic analysis associated with disease, Tumor and Normal paired analysis and Variant Calling (SNPs/InDels).

Bested suited platform for the this study HiSeq2000/2500, MiSeq system and Ion Proton/PGM.

We provide different target enrichment tools. We offer this service with high rapid turnaround time with the superior quality data.

Exome and Target Region Sequencing Workflow:

Exomed Targeted Sequencing


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