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Yaazh Xenomics DNA Sequencing Laboratory Facility provides high quality and competitively priced Sanger DNA Sequencing and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) services using the latest Genetic Analyser and next-generation sequencing System. Our Major work is to help the taxonomist for molecular identification of the organism using various DNA Barcoding markers (16s / 18s / 23s / 26s / 28s / 5.8s rRNA / ITS / COI / CYTB / RBCL / Matk etc., ) using sanger and Next generation DNA Sequencing techniques. We provide Metagenomics, Whole genome, transcriptome and exome sequencing with latest NGS Platforms. Our Bioinformatics team provide complete solution to analyze the data and submit to the gene bank. Yaazh Xenomics Registered office located at Coimbatore. Testing Centers in Madurai, Chennai, Mumbai, and Pondicherry with Branches all over India. Our unconventional approach and latest technology portfolio presents excellent Results. With experienced and high knowledge technical support team of Yaazh Xenomics provides innovative and highly efficient solutions for all research needs. Our team's primary objective is to identify and offer the best solution at economical price. We are the one of the leading genomic service and Latest technology reasearch testing service provider in India.

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Our Motto

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Success Principle

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